Welcome to the online meeting space for the Teaching Forum, a community of graduate students in English with a shared interest in pedagogical theory and practice.

Here you will find posts written by your graduate colleagues that invite you to reflect critically and collaboratively on your personal growth and professional development as an educator. In the drop-down menu From the Forum, you will find a few categories under which these posts are organized:

In Meeting Summaries, you’ll find notes and specific points of interest from the Forum’s in-person meetings.

Teaching Experiences is a place for you to share and discuss with colleagues methods, materials, theories, personae, etc. you’ve tried in your teaching or observed in others’.

In Reviews you’ll find reviews of instructional guides, handbooks, companions, anthologies, and other teaching-oriented publications that may be of use to you.

The Commentary category offers just that: commentary from the Teaching Forum community on current events and scholarly debates about teaching and learning, assessment and accreditation, and other relevant issues in higher education.

You will also find on the Resources page links to websites and documents that you may find useful in your teaching.

Have an idea for a post? We’d love to have your voice here! Contact the Teaching Forum coordinators for more information.

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