Post-Election Resources for Students and Instructors

This page responds to ongoing conversations how to support students and to address tensions that arise in the classroom in response to the election. Please feel contact Naomi or Angela by email or through this contact form if you have any additional links, strategies, or classroom free-write ideas to add to this collaborative list. We will be checking for updates frequently and will incorporate them below.

Student Support Resources


  • The Multicultural Student Center is providing space for structured reflection about the election, unstructured space for community and connection, and UHS drop-in counseling resources. The MSC’s twitter feed has up-to-date information on post-election discussion spaces for students and instructors. THE MSC also hosts“Let’s Talk,” Mondays, 11-2. Drop-in Counseling, Tuesdays, 12-2.

Other Resources

Classroom and Instructor Support Resources

  • The Day After: Teaching Tolerance” – a project of the Southern Poverty Law Center
    • The Teaching Tolerance Facebook page and website have additional resources about classroom discussions. Some resources are more suited to K-12 instruction, but many of the principles extend to broader classroom contexts.

Additional Discussion and Instruction Resources

  • Graduate Student Diversity Training: The Graduate School is working to offer online training for graduate students, sponsor events related to diversity and inclusions, and other new initiatives. Contact: LaRuth McAfee, Asst. Dean for Diversity, Inclusion and Funding in the Graduate School,, 265-2906.
  • “Teaching Race” workshops: The Dept. of Sociology involved in workshops on issues in teaching about race, where a significant part of the discussion involved contextualizing the presentation of data on racial differences, as well as remembering the positionality of different students in the room.  Contact: Dept. of Sociology, Professor Pam Oliver (


Thank you again to those of you who reached out to share resources to this list. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Professor Ellen Samuels for circulating a list of UW-Madison-specific campus safety resources for students that contributed significantly to our on-campus links section.